1. The only way to trade EUR/USD is being able to recognise institutional footprints and following them. Being that the dumb money in EUR/USD is particularly dumb, the footprints are particularly obvious.

  2. I tried forex trading in the past as well, failed and thought it wasn't for me but since I discover this channel, I just realized my faults and how much I don't understand the market… This is really amazing, it's just really a game changer.. I will really try to learn everything again.. thanks for your videos….

  3. EU cheapest spread. NC is 4-6pips EU 2 or less.If you are scalping which would you trade? obviously less expensive one.Something he fails to mention.Most day traders are not holding trades more then max few hours so getting overrun is minimum because you get in get out+ 20pips and called it a day.That's what lot of smart traders do.Its not an environment to hold trades for days or weeks.Its scalping heaven.

  4. The Eur/Usd is like a 22, it is used by beginners and experts. I am newly looking at this pair and haven't traded it for years because of it's tendency to chop and not yield much profit. Despite that, I like the low low spread and it allows me to trade with more, I just shoot for smaller profit targets. If it goes against me, I simply cut and wait for a better set up for re-entry, Timing is also critical when trading this pair……………………..

  5. In all the bulshit videos on YouTube about forex finding this gem of a channel was the best "trade" I made. This one and baby pips for learning. I don't understand why this Chanel isnt easy to find with a search.

  6. “By the way, if you are taking notes I love you”, 😭 As I was taking notes, felt like he talked to me after pages and pages of my notebook filled with each one of his chapters and podcasts..:)

  7. I think my background in crypto led me to not give a shit about what pairs I traded (minus exotics). Since crypto has so.many pairings I was excited to see what all these other FX pairs looked like. I actually like trading AUD/CAD and other CAD pairings the most. I don't know why. I just do. Eurusd has fucked me more than any other pairing by a large margin. In fact it's the only reason my account isn't profitable (I mean minus me being a shitty trader overall lol). But seriously, my account would be up 30% over the last 7 months if I never took a trade on EURUSD. what's worse is I had the relative tops and bottoms of the two big swings this year nailed. But I listened to too many "analysts" and went against my plan.

  8. I have watched usd/jpy and eur/USD. The first pair has a sine wave with often 3 sine waves per side. Eur/USD has long periods of flat, long trends new entries, narrow spikes. However, I find forex tough.

  9. Thank You at last someone who seems to want to help us wannabe traders with truth, honesty and plain language and NO SCAM's and NO CHARGE's thank you Patrick keep doing what you are doing you have my VOTE

  10. And oh yea..in case u wanna hear it..i blew 2 of my account trading the beast (gold) and right now i stay away as much as i could from it..maybe it is just me..maybe its got somethin to do with my emotion..i dont know..but im just super scared with that beast for now..at least..until ive recovered my money and my mentality…haha

  11. Whoa..really??i thought this pair was a calm one..i trade the dreaded gold pair btw..and it moved like a wild beast..now im looking for the cross one..maybe ill find my treasure chest there😆

  12. I have just started last week and the one that I took a chance on to learn from isn't the one for me. I have been confused, frustrated and failing in the demo. As I was looking to learn the Forex terminology and to get more insight, I came across your site. i am so happy that I didn't get too far into this because I would have had so much to unlearn. I'm still trying to figure out how to place a stop loss and take profit! Thank you for providing the mindset to have in Forex to allow us the opportunity to approach it unlike the majority. I have started from your first video and will watch every one as if I am in Forex College, while leaving everyone else alone. Out of all the channels I've been on (there were many), no one has explained Forex like you have.

  13. Random question but i know your a genius so, I was wondering if there anyway i can search through any charting software so i can see the lowest a currency has been for a week or the highest a currency has been for a month. a feature along those lines ?

  14. I don't have a favorite pair but something tells me that I should start with the cross pairs 🙂 wish I would have found your videos from when you first started, but glad I came across them when I did. I had paid someone $1500 (usd) just so that I could start with alerts. Luckily I was able to get a refund from that company(KUVERA) and start with your podcast. I'm currently not working as of 3.20.20 because of precautions from my employer from covid19 so its sink or swim for me right now😅 BUT COMING ACROSS THIS CHANNEL HAS FIRED ME UP ABOUT LIFE AGAIN AND I FEEL SO BLESSED THAT I CAME ACROSS IT WHEN IT DID. I WANT TO BE A PART OF THAT SMALL KILLER GROUP VP talked about at the beginning of the podcasts! 🙏🏽 I'm ready to take notes, apply what I learn, and take control of my time and freedom!
    My sincerest THANK YOU VP, I'm going to go get it!

  15. Nonsense.
    99% of the traders loose their capital because they simply don't know what they are doing.
    eur/usd is the best pair, most liquid and have a significant negative correlation compared with index dollar.
    Indicators are the enemies oh the 99% traders. Indicators have a lag on real time decisions.
    99% traders don't understand fundamentals and naked trading. They don't analyse proper supports, resistences or inversion points.
    99% simply know sh*t and think know something. At the end they blame indicators. Please, they have a fckng lag because their calculation on all formulas is based on srual price moves.
    If you fckng wanna learn how to trade put real money on real account, forget indicators, start losing money and start earning experience and understanding of how markets work.
    That's the way. I simply implode when I try to find proper conversations or videos about trading. 99% teaches badly as fck and also think they know a lot.
    Prove track records, improve, lose money, do not use indicators, understand the movementa of the market, spend hours and hours watching the current price on the graphics, watch how they float, know the reasons of big ups and downs. Then you'll start earning and after brokers will want you.
    So, think by yourselves. Improve yourself and don't be blame by the free online teachings. They sck. If they were good they had no time for this sht LOL
    THINK about that

  16. I take notes VP, and I love you too
    discovered your content just recently, deleted everything I had on my mt4, and started over. I was kinda breaking even on my own, and the way you shifted my mindset, I may not take a trade for a while till I sum up what I manage to absorb and extract from this channel
    Great work btw. Deeply appreciated.

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