1. Thank you so much for this video. This is exactly what I was looking for to get started with a demo account after I have studied Forex for the past 3 weeks. In between, I have seen all sorts of videos on how you can make money trading but no one takes the time out to show beginners how to set this up. Thank you!!! You have no idea how HELPFUL this is. I'm now a subscriber. BTW, I still have more weeks of studying ahead of me while I also learn with the MT4 demo.

  2. What are the benefits of downloading MT4 through IG and not trade directly from their web-plattform. I have IG aswell. What are basically the main benefits of MT4? BTW GREAT VALUE IN THIS VIDEO! THANK YOU

  3. the only real difficulty I am experiencing with MT4 is that every area of the screen that I regularily need to read is extremely small type size and even worse it is often in a very light grey against a white background — Im talking about – the small tool bar icons across the top; the terminal window below; the time and date periods at bottom of chart; and the price levels at the right side of the screen. So these contain critical info that I need to read quickly and accurately very often . I wonder why they are so faint and tiny? can I adjust colors, font size, and contrast in these areas?

  4. Hi, i just created demo accnt for mt4 but on my status bar it says invalid accnt. Even tried creating another demo accnt still im getting the same message that says invalid accnt.

  5. after watching & searching many videos related to this topic, you are the only person who talked to the point and explained in the view of a person who has never used the platform before. Thank you. Good work & keep it up.

  6. whats best for a beginner who will be buying each month and leaving these stocks for many years? also an option to svae and follow a wish list?cheers

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