1. So you re saying that the “institutions” take the market up for 1000 pips to trap the silly retail traders that were short? 😂😂😂 this is really silly. The big boys don t give a flying phuck about the retail traders. But… whatever makes sense to you. If you re consistently profitable you have my respect!

  2. Great video and explanation! I've seen another video where they combine this with volume (volume high with a huge candle body = direction where the price might head, volume high with huge wick = market makers try to counter the "natural"/retail traders push). I think it's pretty helpful as it can help predict where the price might actually break out and head to.

  3. Hello, is it possible that the institutions won’t get the required “volume” they needed to fill their “order books” so they run the highs or lows again, but this time they breach the high or low formed before to grab more orders before reversing?

  4. This is the video I needed thank you, it makes sense now why they do this never understood it till now. I used to always look for untested areas where prices may go to but that was all I understood till now, now I understand that the central banks do this to grab liquidity to stop retail traders out.

  5. I have come to realize that making profits in trading its when you invest your money with a broker who has vast knowledge and working strategy that yields profit.

  6. Wow, you have really opened my eyes! I knew this was going on, but I never knew how to trade in a way to make money off of this. I have to buy the course. Thanks for the great video.

  7. im thinking very greedy here but have you ever tried to come up with a addition to your strategy? where you can profit off the institutions draw back even if its only half or even less? Or is that way too risky because sometimes i feel asthough i can find the top point or very close to it before it drops but i stay away from that since you do not do it yourself and I myself do not want to give into my greed.

  8. Many thanks Levi. Unfortunately l can't attach my marked up screen shot of what l expected to happen in price action from 41:28. l had marked that bearish candle (order block) you are pointing at (41:28) before the big up move, expected it to be hit when price pulls back then shoot straight up from the OB. Don't know why it wasn't respected. Overally your videos are super good……

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