1. Suppose I buyed zee company 100 shares with LTP 190 today in delivery and after 2 days if price is increased to 204 if I convert from delivery to Intraday does system allows leverage of( 5x zee) 100*5=500 so can I sell 500 shares now???? Is it my profit with increase to 14 points (190>204):::: 500×14= 7000 could you clarify these as I am new

    I am a beginner…
    Mera question ye hai ki…
    Intraday mein.. For Example.
    1) Agar koi banda Rs 1000 invest karta hai..
    2) jo stock ka price Rs 50 hai..
    3) aur buy karlene ke baad stock price Rs 5 increase hogaya nd immediately sell kardiya…
    — Tho profit kitne amount ka hua?? aur kaise hua???
    Sir aap batado ya koi tho batado..

  3. सर आप हर वीडियो में लॉस के बारे में बताते हैं कि लॉस मत करना जो कि बहुत अच्छा है

  4. Your strategy worked today. Thank you ! Small correction: during nifty you said will buy above 10250, but ppt says, 10220. Please correct it. Please don’t mind, this is just my observation.

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