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  2. Sir IAM bit confused with the entry of trade in nifty option trading with vwap… Entry should be taken after candle body to be closed completely above vwap or just candle to close above vwap and enter at high of they candle… Please confirm me sir….

  3. Sir this is with reference to your Pivot points.Pivot points as an indicator is already on Zerodha Trading view chart.what adjustments do we need tomake on the Format,to see a best fit visual on the candlesticks?

  4. Hi. I have been going through your videos in the past one month and would like to thank you for all your efforts in making things so easy to understand.

    You mentioned in the video that having a decent broker is also important. I currently have a demat with Axis Bank. Can you please let me know if that is suitable or should I open a new account ? and if I need to open a new account, which broker would you suggest ?

  5. I just started watching your videos. Also I watched your Market profile videos which were made earlier. I think you are trying to incorporate the MArket Profile strategy in to charts. Seems like your strategy is the best one that we have to trade with trend and using VWAP. Hope I can learn more from your videos. I face issues determining the trend for the day. Hope I will have some idea after going through your videos. Thank you

  6. I have a total capital of 10k and for even risking 1% of the amount, I need to use leverage.

    I always use leverage with tight SL put in the system. I never risk more than 1% of my capital.

    Is this the right approach to use leverage? Or it should be avoided?

  7. Can u plz tell me why there is good price movement in upper/downward direction regardless of huge volume. I saw many charts there i noticed price increase but there is very less volume and how to tackle such situation in intraday trading? Thanks in advance!

  8. Its amazing work .. Really what you said is truth about what happens in trading.. Today I really admired with this video part … says the Real..Really and Realistic facts.. But sir, As a beginner I am not interested to invest large capitals commonly in trading.. like truth is i am starting trial events with limited packs of 1000/= and below. On this condition, my mind (not means of mine, a visual from as a beginner) goes for leverage to gain our caps n commissions… what you say?… But the truth is that not to concentrate on leverages..that's right fact only… Sir please suggest me/us, how to and when to our normal positions of investments.. 
    Thank You,
    With regards

  9. Sir very good service for the trading community. One query where do u get the Volume Candles, Relative strength indicator(Is this the same as RSI?), VOLATILITY etc, I was not able find these in Trading view charts

  10. I have just started with your playlist and thank you for the brilliant videos. Since i am a beginner, i wanted to ask how to access Volume candle charts as i could not see them on the charting sites.

  11. Thank you for helpful videos. Also I wanted to ask is the market depth section useful like the one we see in zerodha like the total number of orders . Thank you

  12. I have just starting watching this video and at 4 minutes writing this review. This is the best video I have so far come across on youtube and I can relate to all the problems and trading psychology you have spoken about. Stock selection for intraday is the best way you have explained. Thank you

  13. Thank you so much for providing us valuable information in a complete and comprehensive manner. This trading channel so far has provided the most generous amount of information. Thank you and I will surely watch all of your videos.

  14. How do ii see the volatility cycle chart of a stock? 11.26

    Also, can is see it for BNF and Nifty?
    I couldn’t see the VWAP for Indices.

    Also 10/10 videos! great work!!

  15. One of the Best channels I have come across YouTube . Thanks to man who is behind this channel & putting a lot of effort 🙏🙏🙏

    If you can share case studies also
    It will be like GOLD .


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