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  2. Nice presentation!! I have been watching a few or your clips and like them a lot. But I am confused by the term your are using regarding day trading vs intraday trading. When you mentioned "day" trading, do you mean swing trading: you buy and sell next day or later?

  3. All the videos I have watched so far were extremely well made in terms of content, presentation,, concepts, practical examples, suggestion etc.. I hit the like button on this video the moment it started,,, it was not intentional but subconsciously I knew it is going to be amazing as well… thanks for all the hard work that you put into every video….

  4. Yesterday I started following your channel and I have finished, Hiekin ashi series, 4 live trading videos and now finished 4 videos of Intraday trading. You are hidden DiamondπŸ’Ž of stock market sir I'm surprised how I missed this amazing channel πŸ™Œ I Wish I knew this channel from day 1. Its being 2years in stock market but never in my life came across such Valuable and quality content. I have watched more than thousands of videos on stock market but you are at the peak πŸ”οΈ sir, coz after watching your videos I got to where I was making mistake. Your Multiple timeframe analysis gave different insight on stock market and much more. Please continue the good work and wish this channel reach πŸ’― k subscribers soon β€οΈπŸ€‘

  5. When i use volume profile, it is change as per chart stretch and crouch… how can i observe NODE , what is time span of chart to find accurate NODE.??

  6. Thanks for sharing the concepts and ideas. How do you choose the volume profile when it comes to the time range? What time range should I consider when using volume profile as it correlates to the time range you select?

  7. Sir Thank you very much for prompt reply. As advised by you I have sent a mail to TRADEWITHTREND requesting AFL for candle volume charts.

  8. Hi Sir good morning. I want to know the details of courses running now.

    2.Nextly I am using Ninja Trader8 with True Data and also Amibroker. In Amibroker I could not locate Candle volume charts option. Can you please advise in which name it is there and how to locate it. Amibroker latest version 32bit I am using.

  9. 1. Hi Sir,Thank you very much for your prompt reply. DOM remains the biggest grey area. Due to lack of proper understanding of it, we the small investors trying to learn the nuances of Stock Market are getting butchered. To start with, if one should have a comprehensive view with an integrated and holistic approach.

    2.I am happy to note that you will be addressing these aspects in your webinars. I wish to attend your webinars. HOW TO REGISTER FOR YOUR WEBINARS PLEASE ADVISE.

    3. Stock Charts provides only Cash Charts as I understand. Hence I request you to advise if any site that provides Futures and Options charts with the Candle Volume charts.

  10. Hi Sir I request you to put a video on Depth of the Market (DOM) for better appreciation of the trade. I submit a few of my observations for your kind advise.
    1. In DOM we see at times more Sellers than Buyers. As Seller expects higher price and buyer wants at lower price, the price should go up and vice versa. However Stop Loss orders are not visible in the DOM, as they are above buy price, in case of SL Buy orders and below sell price in case of SL Sell orders by buyers. How to track them? Please advise.
    2. Nextly Does the figures shown in DOM which are visible include FIIS pending orders also.
    3. I hope to see a video from you giving clear insight into these aspects .

  11. Hi Siir good morning. I am going through your excellent videos. Which site provides Volume Candle stick charts please advise. Nextly where can I get the 6 months roll over data?

  12. Hello sir! Thank you for sharing with us. Sir, would you recommend using the supertrend indicator for taking intraday positions? The back testing results seemed to be pretty good

  13. Can this moving averages, spotting trends be used in banknifty? If not, what else can be used? Suggest a good indicator to trade banknifty… I also saw ur videos on banknifty trading n came to know something about relative strength…though I just what to know what other indicators be used… And your videos are inspiring and motivating…

  14. Sir what should be the range to plot the volume profile? Whether we have to look for particular trading day or we have to include previous 2-3 days data also……..

  15. This is the best content on youtube to learn trading on DIY basis. Gold mine. Why don't you capitalise is by charging some nominal fee. for entire set of videos. Happy to pay a reasonable fee for such high quality content.

  16. Every Video is a gem, so much to learn and explained it so well. Thank you for taking out so much time and efforts to help several people. Better than lot of paid training and workshops.

  17. Hi Sir Thanks a lot for your videos. As a day trader you're saying that it's not mandatory to trade daily. I realised that what you're saying is right. Mostly I lost my money in choppier market. Please explain how to identify and avoid such conditions so that it will be helpful for all new traders.

  18. If one wants to use only one moving avg., can He use Hull moving avg Or Weighted Moving avg as these follow price more closely ? If yes, what period HMA or WMA for higher and lower TF's ?
    Also, you recommend RS indicator in any videos, but it is not available with discount brokers web platform. Any alternatives without compromising accuracy significantly ?

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