1. I have a question I canceled all my investment and all my money was in available balance. But the next day I saw that 30 EURO was taken from my balance but dollar remained the same how and why?

  2. Thank you so much for the explanation! I tried reading up on this because I accidentally traded on 5x leverage with this being my first trade and your explanation was so concise and straight to the point. Subscribed! 😀

  3. Hi,can you lock in a trade and keep,for example if i bought a 1,000 of bitcoin,can it be locked in at a certain price and later sell when bitcoin got to 50,000 lets say,ive no interest in trading,i just want to invest in the long term if you get me.

  4. Great video. Question – if your trade amount was 500 with a TP of +250 and a SL of -250, would selecting 'x5' leverage also increase my TP and SL amount by 5 times (I.e. TP +1250 and SL -1250) so essentially the target price level for the stock doesn't change but I stand to gain (or lose) more money? I'm guessing the answer is no as you could lose in excess of your account balance and it would just be an increase to the trade amount so I would reach my +/ 250 TP or SL a lot quicker? Hope that makes sense!

  5. Stay clear of Plus500. Go read all the reviews. Plus500 need Investigating for the things they do to their clients. Close button freezing so a traders cannot close for profit or loss. Traders sit there and watch their funds disappear, is that legal? Or even right? Criminal because it’s common theft. Try and get your money out, I dare you. Plus500 will find a problem and keep you waiting for weeks and then they’ll probably close your account for no reason and there’s not s thing you can do because all the regulators turn a blind eye. STAY AWAY.
    Please join me on Twitter if you’ve had Plus500 problems. Plus500 need Investigating.
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  6. Hi sir. Need some advice. I'm 28 and I've invested an amount expecting the stock prices to go lower (Bear Market I've brought it expecting to go lower. Reverse buy I mean) However I've brought it with very less leverage. since the market is currently on a uptrend, my opened positions are at a loss. What is your advice. Should I close the position or should I wait till the market drops since I have used less leverage? Or any better ideas sir. Await your reply

  7. Is it easy to trade US stocks through Etoro or someone can recommend another platform? I am interested in regular, normal stock market trading like in the US, without CFD! Thanks for the help

  8. Hi! So if i try to buy stocks on L2… Is it mean u either getting more mkney at the same time or lose money faster bigger ammount? Also does leverage buying means regardless which leverage you choose u can use the stop loss option so basicly you can go to minus, right? I had a friend a long time ago he losz a loz of money with leverage thats wehy im asking before i start using any leverage

  9. Leverage and Margin Level are both working against you when Markets drop learn your position sizing and you will never loose again exept if the companys go bust and are taken from the Market

  10. Hi. I have a questions. What if I open a 100$ position with x5 leverage to it and have lets say 400$ of available-to-trade funds still in my account. In case market will go to different direction and I start loosing money can I also loose those 400$ available-to-trade funds or the only maximum I can loose is my initial investment of 100$? Thank you for clarifying in advance.

  11. A careful study of the SQB AMAC course will open your eyes to the huge importance of the underlying factors in the market that retail traders often ignore—what Yuril Zubong calls the sweet spots. Once you become attuned to the behavior of the SQB pattern, your eyes will be opened to an action signal that works in all time periods. The SQB AMAC can provide the impetus for a short‐term pop playable by day‐traders or serve as the catalyst for long‐term capital gains.

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