1. Hi Wayne, so sorry that I missed today's lesson. See you on Monday as well. Go make your family proud of you because I know that I am. Once again you have opened my eyes to an entire new & better way of reading these charts. I'm studying different pairs & I notice something very magical with these charts & different pairs because as you know each pair moves differently. Will update you in the future of my progress. Oh and thank you so much for the chart template/s. Godspeed

  2. The 4 Aholes who gave a thumbs down are not real traders. You don't get Forex analysis like this anywhere else, Wayne covers it all from Global Macro, Central Banking Monetary Policy and hardcore technical analysis. Cheers Wayne.

  3. Another great webinar, Wayne. Observations on 10 Year Bonds, the yield, and Oil price drop – Peak oil reserves hit earlier than June 1st this year ( fxbootcamp.com ). I found this especially helpful — "smart money" trades that were made on … not THIS month's, but NEXT month's Central Pivot. 26:10 Thank you, Wayne. I hope your graduation is all you hope it will be, for you and your (no doubt) proud family.

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