1. As always, love your work brother. Always insightful and honest, and really appreciated. Could I just clarify, did you say that you expect the SPY has higher odds of hitting the yearly highs before any retrace? If we consolidate at the current fib level there is the chance of a head forming and with the squeeze from the bear trendline may start a downtrend. It would coincide with year end reports that businesses cannot hide this time come July. Would really appreciate yours or anyone's thoughts on this. Happy to share my chart 😊 Stay safe!

  2. I have started trading in March. I have done ok but started doing 1000% better and invest with more confidence after listening to your daily analysis.
    Thank You!

  3. https://t.co/SX40j5M4Ui?amp=1
    Jordan what does this mean?
    The bond market is sounding the alarm that the flood of cash that policy makers have unleashed to buoy growth in the face of the pandemic will have potentially painful consequences for the economy.

    The Treasuries yield curve is the steepest in three years, with long-maturity rates climbing as the Federal Reserve prints billions of dollars a week to add to its stockpile of government debt and other assets. The steepening phenomenon is typically a signal of improving growth prospects, and riskier assets such as stocks are certainly rallying. Yet some investors are more wary about what it says about inflation expectations, with U.S. activity merely giving a hint of bottoming out from what’s likely the deepest slump in living memory. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-04/bond-market-flashes-stagflation-alarm-after-fed-s-gusher-of-cash

  4. Thanks a lot! I normally listen at double speed, skipping a bit, after the session has started, and only on some days. Sometimes getting the live version too. Anyway would be nice if you would say some more about position sizing..!

  5. Double top on S&P futures hit last night in 1m-15m. Looks like SPY market hours is hitting a double top at 313. Could signal a fall to come in the market. (Disclaimer: this is not investment advice)

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