1. Hi Jordan, i´m subscribed to your online program but I can´t download the indicators in your course. The links are broken. I sent you an email about it. Please let me know asap so I can continue my studies and set up my charts correctly. thank you

  2. As someone who always tries to consider the other side of the trade, and strongly backing Bitcoin, I am curious. What makes you sure that the market hasn't already priced in the third halving prior to the event?

    I just watched a few videos that made me question this.

    In addition, could this be the biggest transferral of wealth from the masses to the 1% in history? Playing devils advocate here.

    Keep it up mate, hope you nailed the latest breakout. Textbook

  3. I don't understand what do you mean you trade it on the 8 hr? does that mean only 8hr changes affect your opening position you take? I have a question I was trading on IG markets in the past. Around the time of the US downgrade there was easy money in the market but around the key date, the platform stoped working correctly – like it froze and would not allow me exit positions and stuff. Thats the day I decided I am not trading cfd anymore! do you know what I mean how can one avoid this shit or if the internet went down? I prefer taking longer term trades now, that's where I think my edge actually is does anyone know the best kinda platform for that in the EU. I am moving to a tax haven and my portfolio will be becoming a big part of my income. Enjoying the knowledge here for sure

  4. Thank you for not backing down from the trolls. You speak the truth and your view & comments are much appreciated. Awesome video today as always.. I know you said not to chase the SPY at the top but thursday I bot 10 315C and made 6k today..and on the pullback I bot 50 318C for another 2400. Risky I realise but we are all responsible for our own decisions. Have a great weekend

  5. Only 13 comments here after the fact. Sorry to hear that it devolved into ugly stuff. Glad you deleted. I'm lib, but I understand conservatives have reasons to think they are right.

    That's not relevant in this learning space. Wish I had gotten into your recent course. Signed up to find out about future openings.

  6. I wish I got into trading earlier I could have achieved my goal of owing a company of my own , good strategies often leads to great result which generates huge profit.

  7. I think the only reason the market is celebrating today (and actually for extended periods no matter good or bad news) is because it knows for sure there are record level of shorts at these market level, given the economy situation. Market seems like to run based on emotion and won't rest until push it to the extreme either side.

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