1. For EUR/JPY & EUR/GBP (market flow: first part), wont we end up chasing if we view movements like that as sideways I.e. won't we always see it after the move has happened, once the green bars are dominant? #student

  2. if is going up than wait for it let see does it come down and when going down lets wait and see can go up how the market trap you everybody is on youtube talking this who going to talk if going up and do this and that than go up or down every body is selling same material. its not easy it will may kick you ever you would have imagined

  3. what ever you course have market never follow your course though you can perdict at some extent there is no certain indicator or pattern you can say after this this will happen every thing is possible in the market check it once after go to in sell or buy in any pair market will show you how much your price action or pattern or behavior going to work it will burn you and burn you ever think.
    you are doing best btw

  4. if someones wondering what happened to EUR/NZD range market on 21st march it ranged till 12th april and broke out downside on 13th april created a money spot as Navin teaches then if the buy trade was taken on 19th april at the retest it bagged around 723 PIPS . first take profit was around 250 pips

  5. I find his assumptions about the fx market questionable. He talks about buyers/sellers in the Forex market in a way that makes them appear to be comprised of speculators trying to earn a profit. It's simply not the case. Main players in the Forex market include governments hedging their currency, big banks ensuring there is liquidity in the system, corporations hedging in case of currency fluctuations, etc etc. Retail traders and investment firms are small potatoes compared to the billions moved by these larger entities. Maybe he does a video that examines the macroeconomics behind large currency swings..but I haven't seen it.

  6. There's nothing here you we're just advertising your courses, we wanna see you placing trade and show that it is real. Because even my grandma can explain previous results and do the two way prediction that you're doing

  7. Dear naveen thanks for a great vedio! can you please make a vedio on forex trading for indian citizens, and how to trade in pairs like Euro/USD, USD/GBP etc.(legal issues, nationality issues, loopholes, brokerages)

  8. Tooo static trading style. You have to wait days til you enter a trade…Woooowww! How can you make entries if you look in a big picture? ;-)))

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