1. Well explanation that give me easy to understand. Thank you for your channel. I'm a student who have test tommorow and i just learning from watching your youtube content. Thank you. Lots of love from Malaysia 💞

  2. Thanks for sharing, Rayner.

    According to your explanation, we should see the higher timeframe.

    Would like to ask, For example – if Weekly timeframe, macd line lower than signal line. But in Daily timeframe, macd line is higher than signal line.

    In this scenario, we should still refer to Weekly timeframe to trade Short though Daily timeframe shows the opposite. Correct?

  3. Wow.. Thanks for your explanation. I have one question. My macd in. My mt4 app has only one line. Can I add another line like a ma? What are the settings that I need to use then?. Great video! I love it

  4. Rayner I love your content and I like your videos but you guys need to stop asking people to like in the beginning of the videos you should wait till we finish the content and deem useful or not , but I know most people don’t reach to the end of the video and we’re not technically paying you for the info, I’m going to be preliking your videos in support

  5. wow! this is huge.. if I had known this before I would have been winning my trades probably most of the time! Thanks very much Rayner! you're the best

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