1. This is the second webinar I watched from you so far. I wish I had this knowledge before losses I took. Anyway, thank you again. I think I'll go for your course Mastering Price Action 2.0. Is it kind of comprehensive course taking about everything, price action included or is it devoted only to price action? My point is: I'm tired of losing, I'd like to start trading effectively and thus I'm looking for a good source of comprehensive info. Thank you again!

  2. Until forex metric app i thought i knew it and that messed my head. I lost 4 trades today. Will get back to demo account and rest for few days, meditate. Namaste

  3. โ€AH HAโ€ that's all I can say. Thank you so much. I'm only two weeks young in Forex trading and with your Webinar recordings, I have managed to seat down and draft my Trade plan (still work in progress).
    Do you have a Webinar for โ€Which type of trader are you?โ€?
    Once again thank you.

  4. Sir, do you also teach to how to trade in binary options also?
    I see your video for the first time and found it very helpful and interesting. I want to learn more..

  5. While using Candlestick charts which should one chose – where the Red-Green represents candle open and close or the one where Red-Green represents relation to previous close with the empty and closed showing candle open and close ?

  6. I have been watching your videos for a while now and can honestly say that your method is great but they way you explain things in detail is phenomenal. Iโ€™ve learned so much just by watching these recordings.

  7. Really??? 1:1 is considered as 100% return? And being compared with term deposit? Are people smoking crack and so easy to prey upon…

  8. the reality is 7% of all traders are getting feed by the loosing 93%.
    93% of all attending traders loose at the end, it a CASINO a legal casino

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