1. This is my second video from your channel I am watching, I subscribed on the first video only, you know I really felt like this man really talks about knowledge and makes much more sence than other youtubers and don't talk useless. Every sentence he talks about shows his experience.

  2. just want to applaud you for not putting ads in every 3 minutes. your content is very educational and persistent! thank you good sir 🙂 also you have my subscription!

  3. Thanks a lot! The video seems very useful. However, it would be good to have some words/comments on the classic usage of ema, i.e. a shorter period ema go up through a longer period ema.

  4. Hi Rayner. I really love your video. The selection of words is so simple,so that a newbie also can understand well. Thank you
    Just want to know, you were saying of using Moving Average, but I noticed you were using Moving Average Exponential. Is there any difference between these two?Thank you

  5. Thanks for all your help. Your videos have definitely opened my eyes to technical analysis and the overall market. I am grateful you take the time to share with everyone on how to become more profitable. 🙏

  6. Things schools don't teach:

    How to invest
    How to manage risk
    How to manage stress
    How taxes work
    How money works
    How to be an entrepreneur
    How to think for yourself
    How to build your net worth
    How to marry right
    Instead you’ll learn how to give the teacher what they want.

  7. Hi Rayner! Having watched some of your videos, I can confidently say that you are one of the most HONEST, FRIENDLY, and UNSELFISH Traders I have known. You teach your followers, geniune stuff to enable them understand and succeed on the stock market. May the Almighty God enrich you with great knowledge to succeed in every endevour. Thank you for the great job you are doing.

  8. GOOD i just start learning to trade focus on oil & GOLD .SWING Trade only
    it may help me 7/10 will be good 9/10 will be prefect
    my result now fail 4/10
    3-6% will be good .
    STACKING bitcoin abit too slow for me .

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