1. Here’s where it all falls apart… instead of spending time making YouTube videos and trying to make money from affiliate links etc… why not just take this strategy and make bigger trades therefore bigger profits. If you can turn 500$ into 3000$ why not then duplicate and turn the 3000 into $18k? Instead you waste time shooting editing posting for what ?

  2. Hi Justin!
    Really like your vids.
    If you can have a hitrate over 50% and you use Martingale upon that? Have you consider this, tryed?
    Ex. If you loose a trade, dubble your money on the next one until you proffit?

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    It is an awesome exclusive product for discovering how to master this simple wining forex strategy without the normal expense. Ive heard some decent things about it and my colleague got cool results with it.

  4. I am also currently planning to do the same thing…. Thnx fr the video bro😁😁bt i luv to see more divergence videos… And divergence scalping toooo

  5. I have been trading Forex for 4.5 years still struggling with taking losses and keeping a low number of positions open. In fact I currently have 50 open. I cant seem to stop myself. Having said that I am up 10K since september last year. I refuse to give up and know that one day this will give me Financial freedom. Please check out some of my progress vidoes if you like.

  6. @JustinEqualsTime , I absolutely love your divergence strategy, I have been following you for months now , it started here on YouTube,then your free telegram, I started doing backtesting and decided to buy TrueTL last week. I am planning on joining your VIP pretty soon, also congrats to you and the pirates for catching 717 pips this week !!! Looking forward to chat with you someday

  7. Brilliant video, but why keep losing when there is a good account manager out there? Meet my mentor, my Godfather, my good and trusted account manager, Mr davies tyler who took me out of the debts i have owe. Now i am debt free, isn't that awesome? He made me who i am today.

  8. Great video, interesting intro, and a fine set up , good job , forex trading is a fast and extremely simple intrustment for achieving financial success in this age.

  9. I just discovered your channel yesterday and I like it with all useful Technics and information you're sharing .thank you very much .

  10. The main component of my strategy is Divergence, but I never worry about getting hundreds of pips. 20 pips or even 10 pips a day is all you need.

  11. I dont know why you are always refering about trueTL divergence indicator honestly speaking I purchased the monthly membership upon your reference in your each video and what I found is TrueTL is not working at all….what I found is that it dont detect the divergence automatically and I have to re-attach and re-attach every hour to get the divergence popup alerts thats really insane dont know how you are using it as I checked it whole month and from Monday-Friday 9:00AM to 6:00PM it simply misses many divergences and when I reattach it to my charts then it alerts me about the found divergences but till that time is gone for my re-action and I also contacted the support team of this indicator about this issue but no response till the time so I never used it if you want the email conversation I am glad to provide you.

  12. This channel will hit 100K in the next 6-8 months. Thank you Justin for putting this info out there. If you could make a future video talking about the reasons to either get into or not get into a trade when you spot divergences that would be awesome. Loving the content!

  13. I have a question about the TrueTL indicator. I've noticed that by the time it plots the divergence for you the next candle is often already 10-20 pips into the direction of the trade. This on the 1H chart is often too late for entry. How do you solve this?

  14. Can we run that TruTL divergence indicator in MT4 mobile platform like iPhone ? Or it should only work on Desktop version ? Please let me know – Thanks !

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