1. 80% of forex traders loses money but i have trade my $1000 to $21600 in 6 working days, and forex is just about concept , strategies, understanding the candle stick , risk management, SL and TP so i can be a millionaire soon

  2. The more I learn about trading, the more I realize that I’ve been able to hit it huge as a result of Alec Payden’s knowledge and methods. Indeed, I’m going ahead with him.

  3. im having a hard time understanding what divergence means, could somebody explain it to me? I am fresh out of high school in the auto industry with no financial terminology and I'd love to learn

  4. What’s the point of making a video on OBV divergence if you get the perfect divergence signal and then you go against what the signal is telling you? Also, the price was clearly not at the top of the channel.

  5. So I went back and checked on this analysis. YOU WERE WRONG LMAO. If y’all go back and check all his predictions, most are wrong. This dude fake af

  6. I just joined Forex like two days ago. What would be a very good way to learn how to read the charts, when to buy/sell, how much money to put down and etc? Because the back office is somewhat confusing. Thank you.

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