1. Loving your videos brother…as someone brand new to Forex Trading it's exactly what I need to help me through all this. Do you have an email where I can get in touch with you by any chance?? Thanks and lookng forward to watching more from Australia.

  2. Yoo bro, keep up your good work it’s truly motivating, really authentic keep up your journey and sharing it’s motivating people. Love from UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  3. I needed this bro. I'm 2-3 months in and finally starting to see some profits. I'm in college but I know it's not for me. I'm falling in love with forex and learning more and more, analyzing and reading charts. I randomly came across this searching for peoples forex journey, it was meant to be bro. I've subbed, do you have IG or anything?

  4. Calvin, you are and inspiration. You have found your passion you will be successful. Keep grinding. Forex is not easy. Always something to learn. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Needed that today bra… 5 Months in this beautiful world of forex and my boyyyyy lol smh … I aint even gon start lol.. But we keep pushing bra. Stay Blessed.

  6. Bro I was studying engineering and then switched to aviation management but I felt that neither one was for me. As you said in this video, I have dreams and I don’t imagine myself on the typical 9-5. A couple of months ago I stumbled across forex and I started to learn, today I feel like this is what I want to do. I feel like this video was meant for me! I was indecisive about forex being an opportunity to live of it, but you inspired me because it is possible. As a fellow Christian I think God used you to talk to my lifeπŸ™ Blessings!!

  7. I'm crying so hard right now. I'm 3 months into my forex journey and I have had many days where I feel like I am at a dead end. I feel like I am so close to a break through because I just refuse to give up. Anytime I get to that point I slow down and try to figure out what I need to change mentally. It's been an emotional rollercoaster and I have learned so much about myself. I know that my time is near. I am from the hoods of Detroit, MI and I've faced homelessness years ago. There are too many people I want to bless and too much that I want to do for myself to just give up. I will master forex. I am a Consistent and Profitable trader. It is so.

  8. This beautiful my brother. My β€œWHY” for learning forex is to feed the hungry and build a church, or renovate one, help old people, pay for someone’s IVF fees, then have a better life for my family. There are so many women who are crying to have just a child and cannot afford the fees. And I have searched online for an organization like that even from the Stars and haven’t seen one. For years I have been asking God for all these opportunities and I know He Liveth. In fact, I desire to start a charity organization for that. Even if I can help one person, I will be happy.
    I gave you a spiritual πŸ€— when I saw those tears dripping! Keep being humble!

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