1. so when using this strategy, you're actually using say the daily or weekly time frame, but using the 1hr as an anchor and the 5 min chart for the trading yes?

  2. I really learnt alot from this video but I have a proficient Brooker who has made me lots of profits..Mr Steven Anthony is the best Brooker I have ever met

  3. Iam using iq option there are option for close, open, max min i just want to know which one to choose….iam stuck here but i really love ur videos

  4. hi very nice video very helpful and the last five minutes you explaining on live chart was the best part…
    please explain on live chart on all your videos Thanks.

  5. Hello There,
    Love your videos.
    I find a bit confusing the risk set of the SL and TP.
    What does it mean to set profit 1 times x risk, do you refer to 150 % ? If so how do you exit half of the trade and put another take profit, does this has to be done manually or you are referring to multiple stops and profit applications.
    Thanks in advance.

  6. I am trying to figure out how to implement the moving averages where they are actually next to the candlesticks but you didn't show how you do it since the other videos of people using this method use different moving averages

  7. I appreciate these videos. Subscribed.

    Did some testing and this looks like a pretty good place to start for a newer guy like me.

  8. Thanks for the provided useful information, regarding the reading of the trends or candles, will it be exactly the same for either currencies or gold, or you advise another way?

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  10. are we not lowering our chances of winning by selling half of our position at TP1 and then closing the other half at TP2 ??????? Dont make any sense,we can just close the 100% of the trade at TP1 if we wanna play safe, otherwise the trade should be let to run,it might reach TP4, 5 or even 6 sometimes. this is the logic of closing half of the position at TP1 and then let it run.

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