1. This is the stuff i'm always fascinated to learn but so hard to find in youtube. Because all they do was showing me the general stuff instead of learning some technique stuff with finance. Even my finance book doesn't teach u all that in 1 hour 30mins. It have to go thru multiple chapter with so many pages. lol

    Thank you! Khoo!

  2. What an educational video. I learned soo much! I look forward to watching more of your videos. I really liked the managing your capital portion! Thanks again!

  3. If I buy a stock at $20, and the value of the stock drops to $10, do I lose 100% of my investment? What happens if the stock drops further down to $5, does the value of my shares go into the negative?

  4. Thank you so much!!!!! Ive watch your entire video and I can see how I might improve my trading skills. You power point is by far the best I've have seen. It explains everything I was curious in! Thank you so much!!

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