1. Hey..hey.. thank you.. my friend.., I'd like to say every indicator basically derived from moving average, what you said by 250 period RSI coincided with 200 MA so when line was above 250 RSI, you can also see price was above 200 MA. the same goes with bollinger Band and MA 20. bollinger band squeeze is when price didn't respect MA 20 (come above and below it), waiting for major breakout. Thank you for the video, I learned so much from you Ray..

  2. Hey Rayner, just wonder which indictor is better for entry trigger?
    Because I realised that there were situations where the RSI was exceeded the over bought/sold level, but the stochastic was still hovering around 30~40 level.

  3. RSI is a good indicator. I use to not for overbought or oversold but also for finding divergence and RSI line breakouts via trendline. It was great information buddy. Keep it up.

  4. Great video! What determines the "length" setting again? You had it at 250 over several months, then switched it to 10 looking at the same time frame??

  5. Great presentation – you are a wonderful instructor! Question: I use live RSI to supplement other research for short term option trading on a watch list of about 20 stocks. Do you know of a source to access live RSI in tabular or multiple graphic form to quickly monitor a list of stocks? Last Friday I bought to close a call on MMM at a profit and then sold another call on it for the following week all with in the last two minutes of the bell. At such moments of tremendous volatility it would be helpful to check RSI on multiple stocks.

  6. Great video! Thanks for sharing. I understand RSI better compared to other videos I have seen so far. Keep it Up! I want RSI training system!

  7. how do i get the rsi software program? Thanks for the video. You did well. I have watched others talk about it but it didn't make sense to me as they never explained anything like you did.

  8. Rayner – Like I said before I found my "why" I thumbs up every video before It starts!
    Quick question? Say you're more inclined to swing trades. 5 day chart or do you find the monthly chart is better when looking at RSI?


  9. You are a great teacher. Teaching with examples and describing minute details.
    I would to learn more from your RSI Trading System.
    Please create the video.
    Thank you.

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