1. That would be a nice move, can't wait to see it unfold but if I can't wait then I will "Look left." haha. nice video with a nice analysis on GBPAUD

  2. looking at the left is the easiest thing to do, but waiting for the right entry at the right time is the hard part
    fear of missing out is lethal

  3. Love the vid man!! Super simple explanation and easy to understand. Besides that you have really nice vibes and you are able to pass it to your viewers 😀
    Couldn't find a better trading community and group than this one!! I'm so thankful

  4. Your content is amazing. I'm very interested in Forex trading and all the content out there comes either to wannabe scammy trading gurus with Ferraris and Rolex or boring Wall Street dudes (no offense to them haha!).
    You're genuine, easy to understand, and I can't wait to get to your VIP group.

  5. Real simple indicator ahahha i wasnt expecting that one. Look left, exactly, identify which levels are being used by the big boys to sell or buy, simple stuff but yet very effective.

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