1. Hey Nikos, could you use this strategy on 4H charts? You would obviously need to be in the trade for the week for that period on the 4H since period separators are for a week and not a day like on the hourly, but wondering if this could work as well for higher TF's? Also, you mentioned there was another part to this. Do you have a video for that or what's the next part of this strategy to get 2:1 or more? Thanks!

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  6. Fucking boring.. I cant believe u spent 20 minutes to say "Ctrl+Y to seperate the days, heiken ashi candles and 36EMA" which shouldn't take more than 5 seconds.. And the strategy is not even clear at all

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  8. So slow i had to forward it and i missed the actual strategy. can someone be kind enough to post the essentials of this strategy? So you check the last three candles hikin ashi…

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  15. I really liked this strategy. I can see where it can work well. I am going to give it a try over the course of this week on my demo account. Thank you for posting it.

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