1. Hello, thanks for this video. What makes a candle a buy signal apart from just being green. Because i see you are choosing just a few and am not getting your basis. Thank you very much

  2. Very impressive! I have been looking for an indicator like this for a long time. I will purchase the TradingView version if it is still available. Thank you very much.

  3. Are the signals in these videos from The FX Master Code System?

    I am from Brazil, I have little experience in binary options, I need to have knowledge in English to be able to use it?

  4. What would you say the win ratio is (I know it depends mostly on market conditions) but I mean on average what win ratio are you getting with this system and how long have you been using it?

  5. Can’t wait to get TTP! Saw your recent webinar with Trend Spider too! Quality stuff your putting out. Are you going to do a video on how you use your strategy (trend, levels/fibo, signals) on Trend Spider?

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