1. wow i loved that it was a minute. Dont feel clouded after watching. basically said everything i needed to know. The market being this volatile, know one really knows whats to come. we are almost at the exit of these unchartered territories. I can go really bad or chop for a long while lets see what happens

  2. Monday after Easter it could go lot higher again over 2800 or closer to 2900, but rally fails back to about 2700!! Watch the VIX is not moving big moves down when the market soars 10, 15, or 20 percent in a week! We need a support down to 34 on fear index.

  3. 3:50pm 1 min chart, get ready for a huge green dildo…. hoping for a sell off though because of long weekend. We will see. 275 support, 280 ceiling, who wins? Today is make or break.

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