1. Not sure Harrison. I think we roll over here and I tell you why:
    1. I am short since around 2820 and feel like chucking in the towel. This tells me that we are about to turn lower as I am internally feeling max pain. I have been caught the wrong side a few times in the past few months so its not that its just 110 points or so against me, its the cumulative effect
    2. VIX is showing divergence and is right at the bottom of its bollinger band. Its due a bounce
    3. Bradley Model is showing a turn date on 11th. Thats Monday. .So we may go up to 2950 and then turn around with a bad candle on either Monday or Tuesday. I suspect Tuesday with Monday being the last throw for the bulls. (By the way, the last Bradley Model turn date of mid March nailed the bottom……to the day)
    4. I don't think we crash here. Its just a retrace. Its an election year and Fed is printing mad. So this will keep us going up. I guess I am fighting the bigger trend by calling for a fall in the next several weeks

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