1. Im a beginner using Oanda. Question: If the daily trend is down but the lower time frame is up trending, which trend do you trade? Thank you in advance for answering 🙂

  2. I was watching at your videos and came across this particular one. Did you see how precise this analysis was? Even though it took 3 weeks from the day you did this video to hit the 5th target, it is a great analysis nonetheless Lol. Thanks for the tutorials man.

    I use mt4 for charting and trading.

  3. Hey Jeff, yet again thanks for insightful review and chart mark up, however I'm look at this chart today i.e. 23rd May 2018 and 4hr timeframe there's a bearish candle that went deep on that bullish order block retesting daily open bullish ob… just wondering if you went long as planned ? And you holding the trade? Ooh by the way I'm using mt4 to markup my charts, however someone once recommended ninjatrader…

  4. i like the video. seems it explains my question
    so you checkly month to week then 4hour, so you use the monthly for trend, weekly for pull back then 4hour for recovery that aligns with the monthly for your entry right?

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