1. Hey My friend!! 😅 Missed that intro in this video, but thanks for the valuable information 😉.
    I think the stop loss level is too high in the example. What do you suggest to define SLL? I would say it has to be below 50% of the price of the stock…well, I guess because I am a conservative investor. It depends of the type of investor you are….
    Rayner please share yor insights. 💱💴
    Thanks!!! 😊😉

  2. Rayner I hear what you're saying and in your example you said John's account will be blown in 2 trades. I kinda disagree because since he's risking 50% of his account and hopes to make 100% on each trade and his strategy has a 50% win rate, he won't lose nor gain anything after 10 trades.

  3. Hey Rayner, how can you stick to risking just 1% of your total capital on a trade and use a trailing stop loss at the same time? For example let's say my 1% capital risk is 100 dollars. Setting your stop loss based around a 1% capital risk seems to conflict with the idea of having a trailing stop loss based on ATR or MA while riding a trend.

  4. Hey Rayner, thank you for another wonderful video. I just had one request, will you share with us the Excel sheet for position sizing 🤗

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