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  5. The first step in becoming a day trader is to find a reputable forex broker who offers competitive trading conditions, powerful trading platform technology and excellent client support.

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  8. How Trash are you guys… both guys in the beginning covered up how much they deposited when showing the β€œweekly” profits…if you look closely at the first guy you can see that the deposit is like a 4 digit number before he puts his thumb over it….why to go losers

  9. PLEASE PEOPLE DONT FALL FOR THIS SCHEME Wow I can't believe they were able to put so many schemes all in one, the scheme of copy and paste all the stuff they are showing you is free they just copy and paste and want to charge you for it, the pyramid scheme it's so old that I hope noone falls for it and the strategy scheme with W and M, it takes more than just letters to do this and to top it off they try to cover the demo version of their account

  10. You average 200-300 pips a day? You're full of crap buddy, you maybe win and lose all together that much with non stop trading on every single pair.. the market doesn't move that much every single day. On the pairs with the most volume on an average day you get 30 to 40 pip moves maybe! You're lying bro.

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