1. Very informative and well-spoken video!
    I'm sitting in Sweden and I have a sense in how trading already is in real-Life because I've had experience with tradin in video games (even if it is fictional you can make Money) and now I am looking to get into real trading.
    Sadly I have no way to pay the money needed for your amazing program but I will look at as much videos etc and do as much research i can and try to learn myself.
    Thank you for the video, I will be studying your videos and trading very hard and when I feel comfortable i will try some small trades and try to expand, without your program I Think I will have to do alot of the % and stuff manually but that is not stopping me!

  2. I have two questions. 1) In the training it says you should wait and see what the next bar is and potentially cancel the trade if the next bar isn't supporting the position. Are you able to do this in the live example you showed as it was a daily chart and the bar kept switching between a buyers bar and a sellers bar? 2) I note that this strategy does not appear on the traders cheat sheet which you have produced. Does this mean that there is no best time to useΒ this strategy and itΒ can be used throughout the day etc? Thanks, Joshua

  3. You can also look for a candle where the open is above the halfway point, the close is below the half way point followed by another candle after that, that has an open below the halfway point and a close above the halfway point.

  4. Sir Greg…I want to practice first in smartcharts but in the form it needs to put a credit card…if I put in my credit card it will be automatically deducted in my account? after the 7days trial

  5. I understand that you help me see growth in potential markerts, and the marker points to where to buy and sell I am indebted to you, and my family have touched upon knowledge that make me rich from a novice stand – point I now understand how to invest we welcome you to my village one day in GURUTANG! God bless you you micro beast!

  6. Hey Greg, Great content. What kind of risk % do you recommend for a beginner trader? I am looking to get started using smartcharts and go through the e-learning content on there too. Will that give me everything I need? How much do you recommend to get started on the platform? And is there a spread?

  7. i think i may have missed the Q&A

    My question was if you have a 500-pound account how much could you make in a week with EURO BEAR strategy?
    Any help would be appreciated, sir!

    Thank you!

  8. I am a beginner in trading. I find it very helpful. I used to have candle stick in my trading. I still have difficulties to identify the reversal that make me loss more than pofit. Can you have a video about reversal in different time frames and how to decide what signal to take? Sorry for my poor English. Greetings from Indonesia.

  9. Honestly Greg, this is by far the best trading platform I've seen so far and I really like how you simply things with your strategies, which now makes trading more interesting to me. Let me suggest one little thing with regards to the buy and sell indicator which is in "Blue" colour. What do you think about make the Buy Indicator "Green" colour and Sell Indicator "Red" colour. With this, people using the Smart Chart trading platform can easily know they need to buy or sell when then see the indication.

  10. The first part of the video basically you are using spinning tops as turning points back to the upside, there's so many situations that this doesn't work.
    Have you tested this strategy over a good period of data to show any statistical advantage?

  11. Hi! My name is Louriel John and I am from Philippines.
    I've started to study how to trade but I am still really confused about many things.
    Hope you can help me to fully understand this business.

  12. Hello, am very new on forex trading and i kind of like your Twave strategy, how do i get the strategy so that i can practice on it… Currently i have a meta4 account how do i get find the twave strategy please… Thanks

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