1. I posted a comment a couple of days ago about how good this video is..now I want to say and to tell you that because of you and this video that as of yesterday I have collected the most number of pips I've ever caught which was 154 pips..teach on my friend!

  2. Thanks for explaining how to look for hidden demand zones. I assume there’s also hidden supply zones that only the market markers are aware of to look for trapped sellers or buyers to stop hunt

  3. Thanks for the info/explanation around supply and demand! The only thing what is a bit confusing is that you put them on each few candles and this is demand (in your example) caused by retailers! Isn’t it way better to focus on the reversals caused by the institutional traders? Of course for day traders your setup can be helpful. Hope you reply.

  4. Superb sir !! Thanx a lot of… need few more videos on same topic that how to trade on different time zones in cash as well as commodity market using demand & supply methods !!

  5. I must say, this is the best explainatory rule based DNS video on youtube untill the time of typing this piece. Yet, i have questions to ask sire. When should one consider start drawing demand zones from a bearish market, or say, how are we gonna know we reached an all time low in a bearish market thus, start drawing demand zones ? Is it when the supply zones has been violated once or you have set of rules you wish to shar with us?

  6. Your teaching style is very easy to understand. I have watched many videos and read many articles and books on the topic, yet you are the only one who made it clear. Thanks for your insights.

  7. Thank you for this great information. 4:10 …draw from the last bearish candle in the sequence… do you mean the demand zone draw from the open of the second candle to the low of the previous bearish candle? or draw demand zone from the open of the second/last bearish candle to the low of the wick of the same second/last candle? Thanks

  8. Hi Leon, thanks for this informative vid. I've learned a lot about s/d trading. I just wanna ask why the demand/support zone should be drawn from the bearish/bullish candle OPEN to the either low/high wick (or swing high/low) and not the whole candle range?

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