1. I’ve been trading at 90% accuracy and I have not found that adding to a position has been helpful and less it’s a position that’s going against me and I have a strong reason to believe it will still turn around so I add some more at a cheaper price. This is risky but it works for me

  2. Helpful tip for beginners: If you're acct size is under the PDT rule, I recommend waiting for confirmation before going in with any position. If you go in during consolidation while a support is forming or before confirmation, then if the stock continues to sell off and you hit your stop loss, then you lose one of your three trades. Enter positions when it makes sense.

  3. Bitcoin currently is trading slightly above $9,100 but it is likely to go lower if it breaks below the $8,680 support levels, this doesn’t call for despair because most likely the asset would soon experience a great upward surge in coming months, what should be of an utmost priority now is accumulating and increasing your holdings while waiting for the imminent bull run. A very simple but effective approach I developed for myself is trading with the guidance of expert traders and with the aid of Nathan Trueman through his daily trade signals being copied in my trades I have grown my portfolio from 2 btc to 8 btc in just a month. Now’s the perfect opportunity to get in on bitcoin because soon enough the asset will moon and I strongly advise investors to exploit this golden opportunity by having more than a handful before the bull run finally kicks in, for example, I can’t say am doing bad and I plan to own at least 20 btc before the final mooning of bitcoin. He can be reached through direct messaging on his WhatsApp:+44 7723 984457 and also his Telegram:nathantrueman for newbies/less experienced traders who need help with growing their portfolio.

  4. sir i have a Question. in the philippines there is an investment scheme going on. Claiming that they are Forex traders. They offer 30% per month for investors. And it has refferal fees if i invite an investor. For example he invested 1M pesos or 20K$ i will get 10%. Outright comission and 10% a month from his investment. While he will earn 30% a month. So it turned out to be 40%. is it possible For this to be consistent ? Looking forward for your response. Thank you sir.

  5. I watch a lot of your videos but I just don't understand where you see conformation because when I saw where you bought I didn't see why it would go up yes it was uptrending but if you cower the part where it continues if you just se to the part where he bought I don't see any reason to buy

  6. but the second time it went on a horizontal move, it broke through the support level which you have drawn!! if you were to take position, it should've been a short position!

  7. Yeah not for beginners AT ALL no terminology description. I don’t really care about much you made even though it’s awesome but focus on the 101 of you are trying to reach beginners

  8. hey ricky , how did u choose natural gas to day trade? in other words, how do u decide which stock(s) to day or swing trade? , do u base your decision based on news and social media updates etc?

  9. Nice video! What would yo advice to grow a small account? I mean, if i cant afford to buy in like 38k in shares for the 400 profit haha… I was practicing with options but since my TOS account has 20 min delay the order fills go crazy…

  10. Knowing the secret behind forex trading can earn you great amount of profits. I'm very thankful to forextradercoach on telegram for teaching me the secret behind forex trading

  11. I have been trading on and off for the past two to three years. Truth be told I could not get consistent profits. I would get tips here and there but nothing significant. I wanted an insight into how the market worked. Sqbamac course has filled the considerable gaps in my knowledge. I now see the charts in a very different way. Special thanks to Yuril and the amazing community. I now understand what is possible. This community has opened my eyes and I think everyone should be in there too.

  12. I tried out the sqbamac for few months and I Don’t need to say much.

    Yuril zubong is a great guy and is never “to busy” to help.
    Great content and a great community. price is a penny for the top quality content. This is what everyone should be trading.

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