1. Fantastic job…have been using this in conjunction with the trend angle tool on trading view to look for divergence in price action and the what the vortex + – is doing and has produced some lovely results, thanks man ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  2. Could I get the name of this vortex indicator in trading view. in MT4 i can see the value in the past so clear in the comment top of chart like here
    Also could you explain how to come to the 82 pips is the average of your pullback… I can read at the top of chart values for VI+ and VI- at the lowest point of the bear move are 0.82 and 0.199, so I know average bull move would be 199 pips per hour, and bear move would be 82 pips per hour, that is all. the pull back could be only 10 pips then would be price change direction again. And if the pullback reach 82 pips I would expect the pullback move soon to end, Is that correct?

    So for SL calculation you use ATR? For expectation on bull/bear movement you use vortex. Or would you use vortex for setting SL too? If you dont like too many indicators on chart

    You seem to make a mistake talking about the level 0, where cross of the blue and red line of the vortex, @23:54 when you mention in regard similarity to RSi. Here the cross of blue and red line are way above the level 0. that could mislead ppl thinh the level0 and the move bull/bear had something together.

  3. Your video changed completely my view on ATR and espectially vortex. I have to look over and over 3x times to really imprint this knowledge in my trading

  4. Hy Joe. I would like a lot obviously, but i liked more the video about the two 9 MAs…it was great. However, i have about one year that indicator, but i didn't use it in that way, with the 1.1 and 0,9 lines. It was great too. Thank you very much for your videos Joe. Make more please. Big hug.

  5. Man. Bless you bro. I appreciate your perspective insights and method teaching. I like the Vortex Concept most. I'm a new trader and it really help me connect the dots on how to see the chart clearly. Venmo-$Raighma

  6. As a beginner im watching thousands of videos on youtube. You have by far the one of the best content. Jesus, why didnt I found you earlier? I've sent your channel link to people that want to learn, i can't hide this from people..
    please keep it going. Huge love for you man, seriously!!

  7. Hey bro, i just came back to Forex after spending a whole year in dropshipping using Shopify without any success, but man! I learnt a big deal from you and your informative vodeos. I decided to follow you and do all what it takrs to learn and be a very successful Forex trader. Thank you for being there. God bless ๐Ÿ™

  8. Thanks for the info about Vortex Indicator. And how about enter a trade when V+ and V- are in 1.3000 and 0.7000 (not only when crossing)? I see them as like they have to reach an equilibrium coming back together and cross, pulling the price action.

  9. Sir Joe him am job I love your teaching so much and I love the the indicator you gave it really help me I am just a young guy 17 trying to make a future for my self this video is priceless

  10. Another powerful video from you, Joe.
    The way you explain things makes it so easy to grasp any complex strategy.
    You and Jay have always contributed valuable information.

  11. very powerful now just have to backtest and see how it works with your breakout stratergy and thanks again u guys team profit helps us a lot especially us guys who cant afford the mentorship program GOD BLESS U YOUR TEAM AND FAMILY

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