1. Teacher Joe,
    Piece of GOLD 🤑🤑 Man, i always used to be lost and didn't know what was going on whenever a news strikes and the market suddenly changes direction…Now after watching this master piece of a video, i figured it out.
    Thank you bro 🙏

  2. Damn, I hope I'll catch this form of head and shoulders pattern in the future 😀 That really is amazing. That truely is thinking outside the box man 😀

  3. hi bro its amazing video. your way of talk is amazing i am never bored with long videos. plz make a video how you combine fundamentals and is fundamental analysis is compulsory with technical analysis together. in positional trading how much fundamental analysis you do use in your trades. or technical analysis is enough.

  4. Great content sir! Is there an economic, news calendar that u use to get warnings of when these spikes will come out? My trading strategy is to not trade during these news. I’d like a warning when to stay out. Also, is there anything wrong with this strategy in your opinion? I feel I can predict a little better in a normal volatility market than a crazy market. Also, in your opinion which pairings are the least correlated (pos/neg)? Or do these swap around time to time? Thanks

  5. Whats up my G. hello im mike from Dayton im starting to look at gettin into the forex market and im tryin to find a support group and maybe get swome pointers. i starting with 100 and i lost 3 dollars my 3%… i wanna get into a lower pip higher risk reward. reaching out brother NEED SOME HELP

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