1. New to the channel and new to trading. I'm pretty pumped to learn some new information, thank you! For the past month I have been losing big and gaining small, however, what is consistent is the lack of a strategy. I can read the market and the charts with ease, but when and how to get in…I'm struggling with.

  2. Random comment but I just wanna say you are so attractive AND hearing you talk about things like you know your shit is giving you an even more unfair advantage!

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  4. no judging
    Any other amateur traders started with a 'real' account?
    I've started with Β£200, correctly sitting on Β£19 profit, 20p lot size.

    What's your story?

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  9. Hello,I am new to forex and really need more information,I have lost a lot of money on forex recently and I see alot of people earn from it.can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong.

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