1. Your target was unrealistic. "The previous low target was not big enough" you say. Actually it was a realistic target, because price had previously shot up from that level. Also, I think it would have yielded a little under 2 to 1 reward to risk, but you had to be nimble to take that profit when it started to turn up.

  2. That's a very long wick on 5th Oct 2016….  800 pips more than my mt4 and  fxcm's marketscope shows ….  I have it ending at 1.677 … yours ends at below 1.600 … seems that's why this trade didn't quite work out as anticipated, any comments on the long wick?

  3. Dale, I was curious.These trades last a few days to a few weeks on average and I was reading in one of your article that it is important to not try to force trades on the market. That there are times when the market is filled with a lot of noise or sideways movement and that during these times it is best to just stay out of the market all together. Considering this, on average, how many trading opportunities like these would you say present themselves within a given year?

  4. dude your videos are the best swing trading videos i have found using price action. i appreciate the videos man you've helped me a ton. Do you have a patreon account?

  5. great analysis Dale …. I think you should have held that trade through the retracement …. the pound eventually got smashed down again after a few days. …

  6. Love the videos over here in the uk dale. completely changed my game, my success rate has increased since following you. Excellent information which can be easily applied to all strategies. I also check your channel most days waiting for more vids aaha

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