1. Excuse me sir shouldn't high volume on a downtrend means that the downtrend will continue, I mean a high volume means a lot of people are selling and a lot of people are buying with a down trend which means sellers are in control and the price keeps going lower and lower?

    Or should it be vice versa?

  2. well apparently this indicator is good to analyse the past market moves but it's impossible to use it to forecast the future trends.
    In the example shown in the video, you can clearly see that even though the price and OBV are both on HH and HL but the market suddenly reversed.

  3. thanks for the video, is it possible to make one where you analyse the market on the real time and you proceed accordingly…
    I have the idea that this indicator is not that useful for forecast purposes

  4. hi , thank your for this excellent content

    i am a little bit confuser about the pertinence of Volume profile, or volume indicator generally because i think ( to be confirmed and that's the question) logically this type of information will depend on broker , i mean we are just seeing what retail traders in this only broker are buying or selling… what do you think?

  5. extremely detailed explanation. Thank you for your short time, detailed explanation and your slowly speaking and simple English communication making this video understandable for a broad auditory.

  6. I really appreciate your videos. This information is what I have been waiting to find. To use fibs and patterns is one thing but to understand market fluctuations and trends, this video is priceless. Thank you so much πŸ‘

  7. Thanks a lot. I was losing my money even though I followed the so called indicators for success. Now I found my mistake. Going to break even.

  8. So for any reversal which is considered divergence as well, a trader can use rsi or obv or a correlated pair to identify a divergence for identifying reversal. How different is obv indicator to rsi or a correlated pair for reversal purpose? I see they all are same

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