1. Hello Sir, I have been trying to download indicators to my laptop and I don't know what app format should i download in order to open them. please help me how can i get them and run them. i use windows 10 and i have metatrade 4&5

  2. is there a broker with much indicators? I alread made like 5 accounts on 5 different brokers because not everyone had every indikator tbh annoying as fuck but nice Vid

  3. If this code is accurate, this is so simple it's almost hard to believe it works. Basically, it doesn't need to be an on-chart indicator and can just be a binary indicator (similar to aroon) that says 1) go long if close is above an average of previous highs, 2) go short if the close is below an average of previous lows, or 3) if neither #1 or #2 are satisfied, continue with the current trade/signal.


  4. so far you've given me an interesting baseline, a mediocre confirmation indicator, a decent volume indicator, and this fantastic work of art, least of all the ATR! but what are the other 95 indicators on this list?

  5. Patrick, I use ATR as part of my algo but I am not using it at the end of the day 4.40pm est…does that mean for my algo to work perfectly I should only enter trades end of day before last candle closes? I am conufused to weather I can enter trades in the morning or just wait it out. Appreciate you and your help <3

  6. I love this indicator and I've used it along with another indicator as a confirmation to enter and exit. I've watched all your videos, podcasts and started reading your suggested books. Absolutely love it and has changed everything for me. Thank you!!

  7. Great stuff VP. Thank you for all you do. I've got so much work ahead of me, but I love trading. Cracking the 5% code or 1% code. I believe you have done it for many of us. Thank you VP.

  8. I think out of the bundle, this seems to be the most superior exit indicator. I was not expecting to find it within this video even tho I was looking for it. What a surprise. Thx u.

  9. I had to express my thanks again to you again VP. This is the second indicator from you that I think is good… Even if it is in the 50-100 list.

  10. So I successfully install the recommended indicator which is very similar to my custom SMA which I agree that it's a very effective confirmation/exit indicator. However, I’m curious as to how I can install it to my MT4 app. Thanks

  11. Hi VP, love your content. Keep up the good work Sir. Just quick question. Can’t seem to find your email list form on your site ( nononsenseforex.com ) just wonder have you took that down or no longer doing it. Btw love the content! Still trying to work out your algorithm. Enjoying the 🧩 👍

  12. I cant find the link for the SSL download. I tried a couple of other sites but the links I downloaded would not attach to my charts. Could someone provide the link please ?

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