1. Nice Job, Well-spoken, explained clearly. You have a good voice tone & a good voice inflection, so it is not like the watcher is falling asleep. Also, ((and certainly not meant to insult anyone making these types of videos because everyone is trying their best)) it is nice to listen to a fluent, without a strong accent, natural English speaking voice.

  2. can i somehow make so that when i look at the span of 5 years for example every candle represents one day in that 5 years? for me when i click 1day it just zooms the graph and one candle represents 1 minute of that day?

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. There one little problem I found: in the hourly charts Tradeview starts with a one hour candle whereas most charting platforms start with 30 and then they go to one hour. Is there a way to change the settings?

  4. You really don't make profit trading if you keep on losing and winning. Honestly i was tired of this back and forth so i contacted Mr Edwin Earl. He is top tier, definitely the best i have ever traded with.

  5. i was looking for the session breaks for ages… finally thanks. How do you setup these breaks wihtin a day for example on 15 minutes? thanks

  6. Hi TRADEPRO Academy, I have a question about how to display Asian stocks as Description rather than Number in the watchlist. Since China/HK/Japan they use number rather than abbreviation ticker code for stocks, it becomes hard to know which is which when watchlist grows big. Is there a way we can display it as Description rather than Number? Thanks in advance!

  7. please can someone explain to me what is quantity what does it mean?? and the 1000 number next to it…i trade on mt4 and i wana switch to tradingview bt this trading view is so frustrating..where do i set my lot size on this tradingview?

  8. I don't get it why people insist in going so fast over material and scribbling all over the chart they are trying to show people. I guess its because they want us to know how much they know about the platform. As a teacher this is pointless.

  9. How do you hedge on Tradingview? When I program a strategy to long and short, they seem to interfere with each other or cancel each other out. I want to be able to long and short using only 5% of my funds and be in several trades while others are being executed and closed, without any trades interfering with each other. Anyone know how to do this?

  10. Can I change the session time on the forex chart in tradingview? Right now the daily candles operates on UTC time. Opening and closing at midnight UTC time(8pm – 8pm NY time). I would like each candle to represent the NY session time(Opening and closing at 5pm.
    Thanks for creating these videos. Very informative and easy to follow.

  11. Sir, do I understand this right the fact that you can access your chart, layouts etc via the internet that everything is saved on a Tradingview server? This question because if this is the case you would not need a VPS server anymore. And I suppose that when you can load a robot on a chart your platform would always be online. I hope that my question is clear because English is not my native language. Regards

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