1. I watched the candlestick pattern video from you and today when the market shot up after being down I had a lot of puts so I was down about 4k and at the end of the day, I was able to come out 1500+ up man you rock. I also spotted a breakout in facebook and now I'm like watching all your videos with think or swim open studying charts from my stocks after market close today to spot opportunities for tomorrow before open so I could really put my knowledge work. really feel like I've gotten better after just one video thanks again for these

  2. Hi Rayner, some people suggests that trend lines drawn on line charts are more effective because it remove the noise and consider only closing price ? Is that correct way to draw trend line? Seek your guidance

  3. Look at Rayner's charts – go long or short after the FIRST candle is entirely under or above the MA following a trend reversal and what happens 80% of the time? It's that simple. Rayner correct me if you think I'm off base here. Love your videos brother.

  4. Excellent info!
    But which Short exit is better ? MA or TL.
    Price closes
    -above higher time frame,let's say respecting Moving Average(as per transition trading strategy)OR
    -above trendline(trailing stop)

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