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  2. do you think for the fact that the volume data is coming from the brokers that could be misleading and probably biased?

  3. So that's mean I can use Volume to forex "without problems" right? (Sorry, I need confirmation cos I'm Brazilian and I don't dominate your language yet, I'm still learning:)

    Obs: I use trading view too, and I use Volume just to confirm the right time to get in the market

  4. Excellent explanation…you answered part of the question that drove me to your video. Would it stand to reason that having an account with a major brokerage, or an Introducing Brokerage that is associated with a major investment bank, would expose you to a better (and more comprehensive) volume number? If so, who's the biggest "Big Dog" I could run with in the Forex markets? 🙂

  5. i use volume in that way (among with other factors on my stragetgy) to have a kind of last sequence of actions to confirm "the train is going to start to move"

    now i have more detailed information about volume indicators so thank you 😀

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