1. Volume bars apare after the move. Take It from a pro. You wana buy at the bottom when the move is about to take place. When this lady enters a trade she will only be adding to my profits as I will already be in the trade. Volume is irrelevant

  2. the price is giving much better information rather then the volume as the volume is providing the same information as in when the price has already reacted to that level and i dont see a reason in using the volume

  3. Very nice explanation! I was wondering which platform do you use in this video? I can't seem to get good clear volume bars showing red/green, neutral on thinkorswim, thanks!

  4. By the time the slow, lagging indicator reveals the opportunity, you've already missed the entry…Indicators are slow..and untrustworthy. I rely on the Candle sticks as indicators they know best…

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