1. Dear Salah there is something important about the premium signal, when a signal hit the stop loss let say 50 pips that means you need two signals to hit TP1 to compensate the loss so you get breakeven in three signals or +- few pips because not all member get enter at your price since we wait till getting the signals. Then to start making good profit you need to hit TP2 +TP3 because the volume of the TP2 is less than TP1 and TP3 less than both of them. most of your signals against the trend and with high volatility in the market they will loose. Honestly I stopped using them even am still have this month subscription.

  2. Thank you for your efforts
    You are doing a great job
    I have seen all your videos and i kind understand why you don't use stop loss I think it's better to take your direction and it up to us to decide when to stop, don't feel the pressure to give a stop loss, how ever it's ganna be great if you do a video about the breakout candles and candles patterns.
    I appreciate your effort thank you soooo much

  3. My system I follow your suggestion with pending ordes, keeping an eye on the breakout cancels , not using S/L, thank you for your time, you are the man, the best I have found thanks thanks

  4. I feel your person giving signal really need to concentrate on maybe 1-2 signals per day, rather than 4- 5 random signals just because you feel you need to give 4-5 signal. When you give out your signals the pair has already ran up 50-60pips and you say buy, then pulls back, and you say close. I've stop taking all your signals. I personally would not recommend your service.

  5. you guys are doing great in my opinion.. yes some loss and some profits .. i don't take all signals you give .. i do a bit of homework..and chose what i thank is the best .. yes i do lose one or two here an there ..but small loss .. the wins are much bigger … and every week my account is growing … Thank You,, and Angela for all the super work you do …..

  6. Thanks again for trying to make us some money you are right, you provide the signals and the rest is up to us to trade on them or not. How can anyone complain when you do a weekly and mid week analysis and give FREE signals twice a week. Love you for this.
    This is like a business you win some and you lose some. Keep up the good work 😁

  7. Salah
    Listen this is the first video I came across of yours where u sound nervous. I understand why but you are trying your best right ?

    Let me tell u what I mean :
    USD CHF you said you hate this pair.
    Don't give a single.

    Some of them you were trying to explain the trend line break and then the movement. Just drop a link in your video and let people make their own decisions AFTER you have given them the options the education.

    Saying that stop lids isn't your style yet still giving stop areas. Why ?
    It's your style your system YOU decide what someone should do. Otherwise you will break your system rules. Again don't compromise rather explain in a video why you don't use stop loss.
    Don't put your self and your system in danger because then as in this video you will sound like your scared. I know your not in can I tell how much your trying.

    If you know and everyone knows it's a combination of technical and fundamental analysis. If there are too much volatility DON'T GIVE A SIGNAL just send a video with a guideline saying, " this week there will be no signals only advisory areas" too much volatility in markets let's see when things settle down.

    Your doing a great job.
    You sound like you know what your doing.
    Don't out yourself in danger.
    Don't be nervous.
    Believe in your system if you think it's worth it then do it DON'T compromise.

    Take care all the best.

    Thank you.

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