1. I re-entered the trades and unfortunately they went against me again, I sold the pairs and lost another £40. Lost over £100 today guys. I used the exact same levels as shown in the video, but it's not worked. Please help

  2. So aud/usd, eur/usd, gbp/usd have unfortunately all failed for me and hit my SL levels. All more than 20 pips in drawdown. Why does this happen and at the end of the week, everyone in the group seems to have made great profit ??

  3. استاذ عصام استاذنك تقصد بشمعه الاختراق اللي بحدد عليها الصفقه الخاسره بتكون شمعه 4 ساعات علي نفس الفريم اللي بتحلل عليه ، ولا بتكون شمعه علي اي فريم اقل مثل الربع ساعه والنصف ساعه

  4. Awesome profits. GBPUSD to sell is the right way at the moment. As I can see many trying to buy this pair in the anticipation for it to go higher.

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