1. Just found your channel! I appreciate the Forecast. It allows me to compare what I'm seeing and my trendlines to someone else's. Also, please include Bitcoin and US30!

  2. Daily video for BTC please. Even if it’s only a short video. Personally I don’t trade forex due to the leverage involved as I’m a relatively new trader. Still like your videos though. Liked and subscribed.

  3. thanks a lot ,,, like always good analysis ,,last week i jumped in gbp and euro-usd ,, as they started moving now like the time of green span ,and bernanke , and got good profit too all they moved in one hr they r doing in 15 min , strictly disciples scalping is useful , about wti no one advising to jump in it and i have also same opinion it is moving on news and hard to manage , the broker book keepers also stop plat form to add further losses ,lets wait to settle it thanks ,, however your live session certainly good ,,but difficult to follow as finding trade in own set up that time how ever u may add morning call on any day when u feel any direction developed in any pair that would be of great help ,certainly on monday gap opening news direction to asses just all spend time on it and do nothing ,,but when some thing develop u may plz give a short video of morning call , as one of expert daily do that thanks —- i wd not mention name , as ur follower may not shift there hhaha thanks

  4. Thank you for the video. I am very interested in Bitcoin and, to answer your question, I would like to have separate videos for Bitcoin, the same way you do for S&P500. Your analyses are very helpful!

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