1. Seriously guys, what is happening in this market? It's just gonna rip to all time highs? The fed cant be that powerfull.

    I'm at a loss for words.

  2. Also az hospitals at all time highs so no one really followed social distancing here and now with looting and civil disobedience we spreading it more. So be very careful. Only hope is the bad ones spread to one another.

  3. Just some info I cannot imagine market will shake off these looting riots. Target closed what 100 something stores. Here in Scottsdale az we are going 8pm curfew for at least a week statewide like Wow. Shake this off also i dunno. The whole world is talking crap now about united states. I swear it seems people are ok and wanted this. Regardless political opinion we had best economy in some time all time low unemployment and we demolished it over what 0.01 death percentage. And now 0.00001 Sweden deaths not so much worse than ours and they stayed open.

  4. Thanks so much for your time and info, hope all is good with you and your family. It's getting wild in the US, every one stay safe. Also do you think there is more of a chance for a second wave of the virus with all of the protest? Thanks again!!!

  5. As always, thanks for making great thoughtful content. One thing that confuses me about GBTC is the price correlation. I understand that there's a premium built into the price that can fluxuate over time. I'm wondering if BTC were to jump to 100k would GBTC then be 110-130 a share with their premium built in or would it somehow not correlate the entire higher price move?

  6. Hi Jordan, did you hear that Russia is possibly looking to ban its citizens from using or purchasing Bitcoin? Not sure what % they make up of the market

  7. Grateful for you Jordan! These last 2 weeks of watching you has fundamentally changed my mindset; focusing way more on patience, support and resistance, risk on and risk off macro ideas etc. Thanks so much for your positive influence!

  8. Hi Jordan thanks for sharing. What is special about June 2-5 being more likely for miner capitulation? I understand the general point but not sure why you highlighted that specific date range. Thanks!

  9. Hey Jordan, thank you for such great content. I'm new to the markets, and it's so nice to see how a professional goes about navigating the market. At lunch I try to catch up with your live streams, but Friday (I think) it said your live was private. Was just wondering what happened? But I do appreciate the wisdom and hard work. God bless.

  10. I'm very grateful for this. I have been learning so much from you. Looking forward for next week and excited for the live streams. Thank you! Stay save all!

  11. OK, finished watching pausing the video as you discussed each security so I could update my charts on what I'm watching, so charts updated and I'm ready for the week ahead! Thanks for your hard work Jordan!

  12. On Bitcoin, the hosts on CNBC don't really take on any talk about Bitcoin, they'll have a respected guest on the show, they talk markets, oil gold and the fed sharing their opinion, which is elaborated, then the guest may seem to go off on a tangent talking Bitcoin, the hosts never elaborate and are keen to get back to the regular talk! Go figure!

  13. Excellent update on the AUD/USD I will add the longer term falling trend line to my chart as this is a pair I'm watching!

  14. Hi Jordan,
    Your lower trendline on the DXY, I have mine from the bottom of 27 & 30th March and rising to the bottom of 26 / 27th May? But I see yours is parallel with the upper, just an observation, I'm assuming mine is wrong.

  15. Not sure anything can stop the bull run at the moment but some risk off has to come in at some point . When you have the Swiss national bank hoovering stocks and the Norwegian wealth fund then thatโ€™s some big hitting buying into the uptrend, keeping it afloat. Cheers Jordan

  16. Monday will be very interesting to see how the market takes into account the civil unrest, it seems like the protests are happening all over the country and around the world. Maybe nothing happens, but that will be interesting to see regardless.

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