1. this is beautiful video .. but yet still the smaller retailers will get trapped what ever precautions retailers take.. Big fish always eats small fish.. And small fish cant swim as fast as big fish in its direction..!!

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  3. Its pretty easy to talk about a graph thats already happened, id like to see this applied in real life cause no one knows which way the candles will go its impossible.

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  6. Amazing to see and hear someone with such a level of understanding garnered from lots of screen time and a deep analytical mind.
    The quiet confidence in the voice and indeed the whole demeanor and approach of this trader is really great to see.

    This is a great video with valuable foundational information if I might say. Aren't those four hour charts just beautiful?

  7. I caught that pinbar at the zone on USDCHF for a great trade but when it came back to the zone again i didnt take a trade. The candles to me sucked and then the gap up, im not used to gaps at all so i just sat it out.

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